Bert is a cute guy that can make you laugh with his antics, but very loving too.
Moon is a shy little boy growing up here at the shelter. He was with his sister Sun until they got to old to be with each other. He likes to play and have fun, has a soft purr also.
Pebbles can be a character to watch play, she is sharing a kennel with her sister Pattywack and they can get rough. Sure is fun to watch. She will let you pick her up and sing you a song!
What We're Looking For: I hope you are having a good day. I'm seeking a cat sitter available in Silver City, New Mexico. I aim to hire a seasoned, efficient employee who has daily availability. Services And Training: My home requires help with dog feeding, providing play time, and grooming. It is an asset if you have a drivers license. Our perfect dog walker would care for multiple animals regu...
Anna is her own cat, she likes attention but she wants to choose when and who. When I have held her she sings me a song and tries to get my attention when I go to see them before close....
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